Fearless Fitness personal trainers, training and physical fitness, was created with overall health and wellness in mind. We specialize in all levels of health and personal fitness, from experienced athletes who need sport specific training, as well as body builders training for contests. If we can train experienced athletes and body builders, then the everyday person wanting to get in better shape through diet and exercise is a breeze. Whether you’re a man or women, young, middle aged or a senior, we will help you reach your personal fitness goals and get you on a path to a longer healthier life.

Many people today are overwhelmed with hectic lifestyles and do not make good use of their time when it comes to working out. Everyone starts a personal exercise training program with good intentions but ends up losing motivation fast because of two main reasons, the lack of knowledge and outside influences. Those influences being our jobs, and family. Combine that with the number of restaurants Chicago has to offer and it's no wonder once the initial motivation wears off, progress and interest in personal training and physical fitness comes to a screeching halt.

Our personal trainers instruction focuses on fitness and nutritional guidance to help the individual change their mind set from being focused on appearance, to a more balanced lifestyle involving diet and exercise. Fearless Fitness personal trainers offer everyday food tips and food substitutions to make painless and satisfying changes in eating habits. Here is a sample of the nutritional guidance we provide to compliment our personal training services to athletes and bodybuilders. Our personal trainer John Turk is a certified Nutrition Manager by the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists. Learn how the tools he uses can maximize your personal training and exercise routines.

Once the person accepts that the mind is just as important as training the body, change will happen. That is what we base our personal training on. Until then, many people continue to battle back and fourth with physical appearance and lifestyle. The two do not mix. The “appearance” mindset creates an environment where the person feels deprived and unfulfilled. If we can see ourselves not as a sexy pair of arms, abs, or glutes but when you change your thinking to be well rounded and healthy wanting to live 100 years, that is when everything becomes much easier and those arms and abs will follow!

Our personal trainer philosophy is simple, 'Change the Mind, and the Body Will Follow'

Personal Trainer John Turk Explains His Fitness Challenges

John is not just a personal trainer and bodybuilder, he has devoted his life to being healthy and strong through proper nutrition and exercise. His knowledge of the human body and the challenges he has had with his own personal fitness goals while aging, will help you overcome your plateaus and fears about exercise. As a personal trainer, his education in Myofacial therapy, nutrition, and corrective exercise will help you achieve physical fitness success the pain free way.

Chicago Personal Trainers - Fearless Fitness, LTD


  • Certified Personal Trainer.
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.
  • Personal trainer nutritional guidance - See Below.
  • Personal training in Kickboxing and self-defense.
  • Safe and enjoyable personal trainer instruction.
  • Personal trainer adjusting your needs to your body type.
  • Personal trainer monitoring and keeping track of your personal progress through the training program.
  • Personal trainer services in your home, office or gym. Our personal trainer comes to you.
  • The latest technological exercise, training and fitness advances for MEN and WOMEN.
  • Personal trainer instruction in Plyometrics as well as sport specific athletic activities.
  • Incorporating the exercise training programs into your lifestyle and / or limitations.
  • Our personal trainers keep you interested with different types of exercises and environments.
  • Equipment purchase consulting as well as corporate seminars on health, wellness and personal fitness.
  • Personal trainers travel to Chicago suburbs for individual, group and corporate exercise instruction. As well as within city instruction.
  • John is a personal trainer who is a certified Nutrition Manager with the National Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Personal trainer John Turk is a "Nutrition Manager" with the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists. He can provide the following nutritional guidance that most Chicago Personal Trainers cannot. He was awarded the 2010 Kiss FM best Nutritionist.

Your Personal Trainer will Provide the Additional Nutritional Guidance:

  • Create Client Profiles with foods and before and after pictures
  • Work alongside with a registered dietitian
  • Caloric and Energy nutrient analysis
  • Flag nutrient deficiencies
  • Micronutrient analysis
  • Custom Menu plans


Locating the right qualified certified personal trainer in downtown Chicago is crucial and with so many in the field today it’s sometimes hard to know what a qualified personal trainer means. A successful referral is good however, there’s a few basic questions you should always ask when determining which personal trainer is right for you:


  • Does your personal trainers body inspire you?
  • Does your personal trainer get involved or just stand there?
  • Does your personal trainer reassess your progress?
  • Does your personal trainer adjust your routine if you are not seeing results?
  • Is your personal trainer Insured or CPR certified?
  • Is you personal trainer certified with a respected organization? (NSCA - NASM - ACSM).
  • Does your personal trainer provide you with instruction or explanations of what your doing?
  • Is your your personal trainer up to date on the latest fitness and exercise information and innovations?
  • Does your personal trainer arrive on time for your appointments or even show up?
  • Does your personal trainer seem to care about your progress and encourage you through rough times?
  • Is the personal trainer genuinely interested in you as a person?

Always remember that communication between the Personal Trainer and client is imperative for safety and attaining your goals. Many people hit plateau’s in their routines. Does your personal trainer evaluate your routine to adjust the exercises, sets, reps or weight? Does your personal trainer use different modalities, like stability balls, dumbells, barbells, machines, rubber bands or other functional personal training equipment? Do they adjust how you do your reps like a slower cadence, plyometertics, a heavy training day or a light personal training day? These are just some of the ways to maximize your personal training results when your workouts just seem to be going nowhere. Keep in mind you’re there for you and not the Personal Trainer. They should keep you motivated as well as educated.

Thanks for stopping by Fearless Fitness Personal Trainers and contact us today to begin your body's transformation You will never be sorry you decided to shape up and get healthy.