Hi Everybody, Many of you have trouble getting in all your protein during the day or you seem to be hungry late at night or you just crave something sweet. I found that this little trick really helps me stay on track as well as provide slow digesting protein while I sleep. It’s a pudding [Read More ...]

The thyroid gland, it sits in the front of your neck just below your Adam’s apple, which is why the doctor feels your throat sometimes when he/she is doing a physical. They are feeling for any abnormalities and growths or more specifically a “Goiter”. In general, the thyroid is responsible for producing the primary metabolic [Read More ...]

So you’re 40 years old and you’re in the gym hitting the weights hard and eating right. A few months goes by and you’re not seeing results. You feel tired, weak, you have no energy and the last time you saw your “soldier solute” was when you had to go to the bathroom in the [Read More ...]

Over the years between sports and exercise, I had developed many nagging aches and pains that I accepted as “part of the process”. I went to see all the medical specialists and guru’s about how to relieve the pain. No one could give me any concrete solution or diagnosis, other than, “Quite working out so [Read More ...]

Pelvic pain, for most of us we have no idea what it means and if so be glad. It’s excruciating pain deep in the pelvis area that can be unbearable with almost no hope in sight. There are some new procedures and techniques out there that have been great at helping people with this problem [Read More ...]

I’ve been a personal trainer in Chicago and surrounding suburbs for well over thirty years and it never ceases to amaze me how some of the mainstream media and public still believe certain myths about diet and exercise as fact. So what I will try to do here is “debunk the funk” about some of [Read More ...]

Many people think that exercise is a pain in the butt; and in some cases after a hard set of squats it literally is. I just wanted to take the time to remind people out there why it’s important. So here’s a little math calculation: Say a person begins a simple personal exercise program of [Read More ...]

The alarm clock goes off: You hit the snooze knowing you have to go to the gym and throw around weights and move your body in ways that makes you want to hit the snooze again. Now it’s raining out, cold and you’re nice and warm in your bed… so… you hit the snooze again. [Read More ...]

Over the years as a Personal Trainer in Chicago, I have noticed a large majority of my female clients tend to complain of lower back and knee problems. Besides the obvious anatomical reasons such as wider hips, I always felt other factors contributed to the aches and pains. Having wider hips forces the femur to [Read More ...]

Cancer kills more than 500,00 Americans each year, and I said only Americans! Many of us know how to decrease our risks and the most popular way is to quit smoking; however that decreases 1/3 of your risk. Another 1/3 is genetic disposition and another 1/3 is through diet and exercise. So if my math [Read More ...]

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