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"John Turk is the definition of a great personal trainer. I started working with John two years ago. Everything John does is calculated organized and done for a specific reason to help achieve your goal. He truly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how our bodies work. I have always been of the mindset that you need to practice what you preach and John surely does that. His lifetime of success and his current physique shows what your body is capable of doing if you work hard and follow some simple guidelines. I continually feel motivated working with John. He documents every pound lost, body fat percentage shredded and strength gained along the way to show your progress. The workouts are always different but are always focused around what I have identified as my problem areas or goals. John helped me achieve my goal and I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. He is an excellent trainer, coach and mentor. "

Halina Mark
Advertising Sales Director, Chicago

"For years I’ve known that working out vigorously on a regular basis did wonders for my overall well being. Still sometimes it felt a little like a chore. That changed when I began training with John. Now I look forward to each session knowing that I’ll be a little stronger, faster, or better informed at the end of the hour. In 3 years with John I haven’t hit a plateau – this simply is amazing, and a testament to John’s commitment, knowledge, and personal skills."

Patti Mills
Healthcare Communications Director
Chicago Illinois
Chicago Personal Trainer Results | Fitness Weight Loss Nutritional Help - John Turk
"After doing considerable amount of research on John and speaking with him at length over the phone, I knew he was the right trainer for me. In the past, I have had a large number of unenthused trainers who lacked nutrition, fitness and weight-loss knowledge. For the past year, John and I had worked together to achieve my 70 lb weight loss. He truly cares about his clients and knows exactly how to motivate and encourage them. He understands that his clients are at different fitness levels and develops a custom program for each of them. If it wasn't for John, I wouldn't feel or look as amazing as I do now."

Chicago Illinois
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"My name is Carl Paoli. I have been a professional Stuntman in the movies for over 20 years. 7 months ago I found myself 25 pounds over weight. After trying diets, running and uneducated workouts with no results, I figured I was just not as young as I used to be. That is until John Turk started coaching me. He is in unbelievable shape and the same age as me. There was just no excuse. It was a simple combination of education, proper training methods and whey protein. As you can see, I am in better shape than I was 15 years ago. So I took off 38 pounds and put on some lean mass. Not easy but possible. Better yet, worth it! The only draw back is endless jealous comments.  Also worth it! Thanks John Turk, See you on the set."

Carl Paoli, Professional Stuntman
Age 40
Chicago Illinois
Chicago Personal Trainer 6 Week Results | Current Personal Training Results | John Turk
"I have been weight training on my own for approximately 7 years. For the past couple of years I hit a wall and had no idea how to get past it. I contemplated whether or not I needed a trainer or if this was something I could break through on my own. After years of going back and forth, I was referred to and enlisted the help of John Turk. After 6 weeks on his tailored program my body fat percentage went from 16% to 5% and my muscle mass stayed the same in some areas and increased in others. I was amazed at the results and I kicked myself that I had not contacted John sooner. Needless to say, John is an exceptional trainer who understands the science behind exercise, health and nutrition and tailors programs to fit the individual needs of his clients."

Nikhil Mehta
Pharmaceutical Sales
Chicago Illinois
Chicago Personal Trainer Results | Muscle Toning | Weight Loss | John Turk
"I have tried several personal trainers over the past 4 years with so-so results. Since I started training with John, I've realized the difference a quality trainer can make! He actually tells me how my body works, and teaches me why certain moves are important. I am learning and seeing results and I actually enjoy working out. It's now something I look forward too instead of something I have to do!"

Ira Alter,
Owner of Elite Home Builders
Chicago Illinois
Chicago Personal Trainer Results | Body Building | Weight Training  | John Turk
"I came to Chicago personal trainer John Turk with a specific goal- to be ready to compete in my first bodybuilding contest at age 37. I could spend alot of time talking about his effective tactics including humor, fresh tailored routines and his nutritional know-how but the bottom line is results! I've had two other trainers in recent years but John's guidance and education has held the greatest power of transformation."

Jeff Olson
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Chicago Body Trainer | Lose Final Pounds - Tone UP | John Turk
"I have been working out since I was fifteen years old. Most of my training and diet routines came from fitness magazines. As hard as I tried, I continued to struggle with the last five pounds; at four foot eleven inches, that is A LOT. When John and I started dating, he offered to help me with my fitness goals. Although I was aware he was an expert in this field, I was fearful of letting him advise me, afraid he would make me "too big" or "bulky".

Frustrated with the results of doing it "my way", I finally decided to see where John could take me.

These are the results. Yes, I am kicking myself for not letting him help me sooner....like BEFORE our wedding!"

Swimsuit model & wife :-)
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Chicago Body Trainer | Health Issues Make it Difficult To lose Weight | John Turk
"For three years I dieted, worked out, and went through different trainers. I not only didn't lose any weight, but gained!!!

I have a severe thyroid problem that makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. John is the only Chicago personal trainer who has had the inclination and patience to look at my individual situation and train me in the right way. He not only helped me in the gym, but also with diet, supplementation and motivation. He set realistic goals for me and made sure I accomplished them. I have lost 25 pounds and I have toned my body in a ways I never thought was possible."

Elisabeth Rutman,
Certified Esthetician
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Chicago Body Trainer | Trouble Gaining Weight - Muscle | John Turk
"I am 37 years old and have always had trouble gaining weight. I am your typical "hard gainer" and needed guidance for my long term goals. In one year with Chicago personal trainer John Turk, I have gained 25 lbs. of muscle! John has instilled knowledge, discipline, enthusiasm, and much more with how I workout and has paved a path for my nutritional health. John is extremely dedicated and has given me amazing results. He has highly varied workout routines and exercises that allow you to adjust for plateaus and to keep you growing and learning, mentally and physically. I have never felt more motivated, confident and healthy."

Thanks John!

Lee Fullerton
Graphic Designer / 3D Illustrator
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Chicago Body Trainer | Customized Workout - Injury Advise - Diet Information | John Turk
"I had never stepped inside a gym before. I am 49 years old. In September 2005, I approached Chicago personal trainer John Turk about working out. From the first time I met him, John impressed me as a man who truly wishes to help people achieve their highest physical potential. His passion for working out is infectious. He packs an hour with customized workout routines, advise about diet, cautionary information about injuries, and he shares stories about his own journey as a man of fitness. To top it off, he keeps detailed records of everything concerning my workout plan. It is now February 2006, five months from my first meeting with John. In that time, I have lost weight and gained muscle in ways I didn't think were possible for me. John is a good man to have on your side."

Micheal Garcia
Graphic Design
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Break Diet Plateau | Lost Weight - Strength Building | John Turk
"I had been dieting for months and hit a plateau that I could not break through. Working with John, I dropped another 30 pounds and weighed less and was stronger / fitter then anytime in my life and my strength went up considerably more than I ever had imagined thanks to John. He worked on my diet with me and helped build a work out that met and exceeded my needs. I am more enthusiastic about my work outs and look forward to continuing to build on the knowledge and routines he has built for me."

Jeremy Krinn
Market Data Engineer
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Lost Over 40lbs in 3 Months
"As a former Division IAA college football player, I was used to being in shape and feeling healthy. However, in the years following college, the transition from athlete to young professional was not easy on my body as the stress of demanding jobs led me to lose focus on my fitness and increase focus on my food. I had seen other testimonials on John's website and read his background story and decided he was the the right guy to help me get back into the shape I wanted. I made the right choice. John has an incredibly comprehensive knowledge of different fitness and nutrition techniques to help one achieve their fitness goals and deploys them in a helpful, encouraging and supportive manner. He has a keen understanding of how to motivate individuals based on their goals without them ever feeling frustrated or discouraged. More importantly, his methods work. Through a strict workout and diet, John helped me lose over 40 pounds in just three months. John has had an incredibly profound impact on my fitness level, physical appearance and confidence, for which I am extremely grateful. I would recommend him for anyone looking to significantly improve their fitness level or simply begin make healthier fitness choices. "

CFB from Chicago
Financial Analyst
Chicago Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer Chicago | Body Building - Strength Building | John Turk
"I've been active in weight training and sports since high school. Continuously challenging myself is very important to me. I came to John with a specific goal in mind, training for my first NPC bikini competition. John's weekly workouts and constant motivation helped me to achieve this goal! His vast knowledge in regards to weight training and nutrition was spot on! My body completely transformed and I took first place in my first show. Thank you so much John!"

Sarah Machemer
Pharmaceutical Sales